WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: ACK!

GORGEOUS Macrame Wallhanging by WhiskerRow

GORGEOUS Macrame Wallhanging by WhiskerRow


I'm here! I feel like I've been so scattered this week. I can't believe it's already Wednesday. Hence the "ACK!" in this post title. That's where I want to focus: WHY I've been out of sync with my regular Instagramming and blogging. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I finally got this gorgeous macrame by Jess of WhiskerRow on Etsy hung on my wall. What you don't necessarily know is that this townhouse/ nanny quarters/ carriage house we are renting is our third home in about three and a half years of marriage. We've lived here the longest-- nearly 2 years-- but I've been slow to hang some of our bigger pictures and things on the walls because we moved three times in a year and a half. Well, I hung the macrame on Friday, and on SATURDAY we found out that we will be moving once again. I think our sweet landlords are as upset as we are, but the HOA is on a battle path, and I don't think it will end well. With two kids, two cats, and my business, we very quickly realized that it will make the most sense to buy a house, but doing that in the bustling Duluth area in our price range in about two months is no small feat. We've toured and bid on two homes already (waiting to hear back about the second), and Hubster has his sights set on a third to tour and possibly bid on already. Life was already crazy, but OI. 

Things this means:

  1.  I don't know quite yet what will happen with my holiday order deadline. I will plan to update it this weekend if needed. So truly, don't wait if you want a Christmas quilt. Please.
  2. My photos and blogs (and email responses) may be a bit more erratic over the next month or so. Please be patient with me! Jem is old enough to know that something big and stressful is happening, and he is really needing some extra love and support, not to mention the plain ol' work of house hunting, packing, moving, unpacking, meeting deadlines, etc.
  3. I'm still actively pursuing the project that will benefit CURE Childhood Cancer, but the timeline will be affected. I'll update you as I know more. 

As far as quilts, I'm binding and embroidering Murmuration 2.0, I hand stitched one side of the border on the antique quilt, and the boxes of tshirt quilt orders are multiplying like rabbits (which is super exciting!).

More soon dears,


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