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WIP Wednesday: Christmas Quilts

Sunnyside Up 2.0 for my front door. I'll take special requests for this one, too! Email me!

Sunnyside Up 2.0 for my front door. I'll take special requests for this one, too! Email me!

Good morning!

String and Story is on adventure in Columbia, SC today! We are on the "big circle" trip that Mama and I take each October around my birthday. It's a whirlwind 36 hours of family and friends. We have both boys with us, and HALLELUJAH they slept through the night even in an unfamiliar hotel. 

(Above: Ian being a cutie pie, and Jem's first watercolor)

Back home, I have eight or ten customer quilts eagerly waiting my attention. I've been focused on Murmuration in preparation for last Friday, but it is done (pics soon!), so it's time to get down to business with these orders! I'm about halfway through the cutting for three baby clothes quilts. I'll finish that tonight or tomorrow, then it'll be a breeze to pin and sew all three up and get them, and the fourth which is already done, back to my customer. Then, I have a number of rag style tshirt quilts, two traditional tshirt quilts, and Murmuration 3.0 (already purchased! Woohoo!) to get stitching on. 

Laying out a baby clothes quilt

Laying out a baby clothes quilt

Last but not least, a house hunt update! We went under contract on a FABULOUS 80s split level yesterday. It's spacious and on a large fenced lot. John and I will each have our own work space (mine is a large rec room that will allow space for a sitting area as well, his is the fourth bedroom that's in the lower level), the boys will have a bedroom and playroom (and the playroom will eventually be another kids bedroom), there's a huge vaulted great room with a loft (I'm having visions of a farm table and a couple arm chairs for the ultimate study space), and there's a big window ledge in the master bathroom that I plan to fill with herbs, fancy clover, succulents, and Christmas cactus. It's basically perfect other than a few updating things that we'll putter away on over the next couple of years. The home inspection is today, and if that goes well, we'll plan to close the end of November. Woohoo!

Last but not least, two reminders: First, please place all Christmas orders by November 1! My sewing room will be packed up by Black Friday if all goes well, so don't wait to order and miss the chance! Second, I want to connect on social media! You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @stringandstory. Leave a comment on a picture introducing yourself or tag me on one of your photos so I can see what you're working on!

Happy Hump Day! 



PS I know I've been negligent about my Facebook Live videos. Once I get some traction on all these quilts, I'll do a video in a few days and show you everything I'm working on! 

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