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 "Oops, I Made a Quilt Top"

"Oops, I Made a Quilt Top"

Hi y'all!

We made it through Monday! Let's see... 

1) I finished sewing the 4th of the Baby Clothes Quilts set.

2) I made a short little Facebook Live video with an update you can see here. 

3) I cleaned my sewing machine, whom I really should name at some point, and decided to sew a row of Declyn's first quilt. Aaaaand then I didn't stop. haha. It's now affectionately known as "Oops I Made a Quilt Top," It'll get a border to make it a touch bigger, but the real work is done. It might even be ready in time for this little  man coming earthside in a week! 

Fringing awaits!



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