WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: And the Race is On... to Quilt ALL THE THINGS

Close Up of Murmuration 2.0 Top

Close Up of Murmuration 2.0 Top

Good Morning, Friends!

Wednesday already, thank goodness! I say that because it is Hubster's on-call week, so he is working noon-8 each day and is then on-call from 8 to 8. It hasn't been too crazy yet, thankfully, but our routines are still all out of whack. It always takes me at least a week after on-call to get back in the swing of things. There can be perks, though, if he doesn't get calls in the middle of the night. Yesterday we went out to brunch together, and Hubster dressed himself and the boys all matchy matchy, and aren't they all the cutest?! All the heart eyes. 

Hubster (John), Jem (21 mos), and Ian (7 mos)

Hubster (John), Jem (21 mos), and Ian (7 mos)

If you follow me on social media, you know that I have begun encouraging folks who want a quilt in time for Christmas to order by November 1st. Doesn't that sound crazy?? I don't want to be salesy, but I really am seeing an uptick in orders. Combine that with a number of other projects in the works with deadlines screaming toward me, and I'm a busy little bee! I don't want anyone to miss out because they didn't get the memo. 

Because I'm such a busy bee, I actually hired a girl, Katie, (whom I used to nanny!) to come play with the boys for a couple of hours three afternoons a week. She's here during the time of the day that I'm basically useless anyway (I get groggy and introverted in the afternoon, especially since we usually pack in the adventures in the morning). So, they play and laugh and riot about in the best of ways, and I retreat to my sewing room to get a couple extra hours of work done. 

Baby Clothes Quilt, fresh from under the presser foot. One of nearly half a dozen I have in the works at the moment. 

Baby Clothes Quilt, fresh from under the presser foot. One of nearly half a dozen I have in the works at the moment. 

I got a baby clothes quilt done last night, one of a set, and will start the next today. I also got the borders on Murmuration 2.0, so I'll baste that today as well, maybe even start quilting! I'm ready to take the borders off the antique quilt so I can piece those into part of the back and put new borders on by hand that I think will match better. I'd like to get that quilt basted in the next week so I can be working on the hand-quilting at the Duluth Art Walk on Friday the 14th. 

Speaking of, if you want to see some of my work in person or make a purchase in person, come out to the City of Duluth Town Green on Friday, October 14th from 6-8pm for the Duluth Art Walk! I will be taking tshirt and baby quilt orders (and taking the clothes to make them if you have them all ready and render payment), I will take Murmuration and Here Comes the Sun orders, and if you have a custom idea, we can talk about that, too! Plus, I'll be working on this antique quilt which is worth a look in itself!

Finally, here are two Modern Impressionist Quilts "in the wild"! On the left is Murmuration 1.0, currently on display for a few months at Duluth City Hall. On the right is Sunnyside Up 1.0 on display for the month of October in the Children's Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden as part of "Scarecrows in the Garden." Thanks to Mama and Dad for playing "Finding Sunshine" and sending along pictures!!

All right, loves, I have to get moving. Hubster is giving Jem breakfast and Ian just enough apple sauce to make a mess, and I need to get dressed because I think we're going to go explore one of the local coffee shops that is turning itself into "Luke's Diner" for the morning in honor of the new season of Gilmore Girls. Squee!

Be sure to stay in touch via Facebook and Instagram as all sorts of exciting things are happening around here. Also, if you want a Christmas quilt, be sure to get those tshirts and baby clothes together asap!



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