WIP Wednesday, Facebook Live

WIP Wednesday: New Sewing Room!

Murmuration 3.0

Murmuration 3.0

Happy WIP Wednesday, y'all!

Has it really been nine days since I blogged? I guess things really have been crazy around here. If you follow along regularly, then you probably know that we moved last weekend. I was busy sewing on this quilt (Murmuration 3.0) as late as Friday, then back at it by Sunday, with the move in the middle. Crazy, I know, but it was my last Christmas order, and I was determined to keep my word and have it done in time! I've decided that doing three quilts in about 6 months made entirely of half-square triangles is a great way to learn a lot about matching points!

Now, the main event. For WIP Wednesday, I took a Facebook Live video of my new (mostly unpacked) sewing room. Do pardon the coughing at the beginning-- my allergies are all a mess from moving. eww. 

WIP Wednesday: December 12 Video

And, as promised in the video:

Lexa Wakefield, Graphic Designer. 

WIP Wednesday: December 7 Video

I plan to resume my normal blogging on Friday with a wonderful interview with Andi from Red Hen Fabrics! Huzzah!

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