WIP Wednesday, Creative Experimentation

WIP Wednesday: Back At It

Just look at that beautiful peg board!!

Just look at that beautiful peg board!!

Good morning, everyone! 

I hope you're having a nice breather between our exciting holidays this week! Hubster went back to work yesterday, and I'm pleased to report that the boys and I adjusted back to more normal life pretty well. They're still recovering from the new toy coma, which is totally adorable. And my wonderful friend Isabel came this afternoon and stayed for dinner while she's in town from DC for the holidays. 

Did you see that gorgeous pegboard up top?? Hubster hung it for me on Christmas Eve, and I'm in looooooveeeeee. 

Tshirt Quilt Quilting

Tshirt Quilt Quilting

As you may have guessed from the title, I got back to tshirt quilting today. This is the quilt that was nearly done before Christmas, but I set it aside for the move. My friend Lexa is coming to get it Friday, so time to get it back under the needle. I'm learning something about myself: I love deadlines. And I really need them. I get lots and lots done, but nothing gets done if I don't have a deadline. Life lesson. God bless my friends who watch me take forever on projects where I don't have firm deadlines only to find myself puttering across the finish line far later than was necessary. 

I've also continued working on my made-fabric a la Victoria Findlay Wolfe. I sewed my four blocks together and cut out Georgia-- which will become the first quilt of my E Pluribus Unum series for Quilts for CURE. More on that soon. It's going to be very exciting!

And of course, I'm continuing En Provence. All of Clue 3 is chain-pieced and waiting for pressing, and I've cut out about half of Clue 2. I'm still very behind (5 clues are now out), but I'm making visible progress, and our guest bed is patiently waiting. 

I can't promise a FriYAY Friends this week because holidays, but soon! And I'll have a new book review on Monday-- I think I'm going to try a curved piecing technique from this one and show you then. Doesn't that sound exciting?

See you soon!



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