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Welcome to String and Story!

Hi Friends!

String and Story is a unique space where both quilters and non-quilters can gather. Non-quilters are most likely here for a gift or for decor-- whether you want memories preserved in a handcrafted tshirt quilt or are looking for amazing fiber art to decorate your home, String and Story is excited to work with you!

You Quilty People are my creative tribe. My background is in visual arts (lots of watercolors and oil painting), and I want to take my artistic knowledge and apply it to quilting to create what I am calling Modern Impressionist Quilts. Made at a small scale, Modern Impressionist Quilts resemble art quilts and make beautiful hanging pieces. Made larger, though, Modern Impressionist Quilts are fully functional baby quilts, throws, and even bed quilts. 

So, Tribe, what about you? I want to help you take your quilts to the next level. Whether you are a brand new quilter, an established quilter, a quilter who follows patterns, or a quilter who blazes her (or his!) own path, I want to help you learn important artistic principles and skills that will make your work stand out from the crowd and make your audience say, "WOW!"

Stay tuned for "What is a Modern Impressionist Quilt?" as well as artistic insights and exercises, lots of pictures, and (hopefully) some interviews with other artists (both quilters and non-quilters!). 

In the meantime, be sure to follow me on Instagram @StringAndStory!

Much Love,


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