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WIP Wednesday: Better Late Than Never!

Vintage Quilt Top treasure that I plan to hand finish. 

Vintage Quilt Top treasure that I plan to hand finish. 

Hello, my loves!

I'm behind on writing this week because yesterday was a bit nuts. The part that kept me from working was complicated and no fun because relationships are messy, but I'm going to focus on the part of the day that came before that and on all the fun projects I have going on. 

On Saturday, I found myself in a more rural part of the Atlanta-area, Free Home, GA, for a bridal shower. Just a couple miles from the party was a little antique shop called the Green Bean. It caught my attention as I drove in, so I made a mental note to stop on the way home to search for any vintage quilts that may be looking for a home. Perhaps even better than a quilt, I found a vintage quilt top. With the exception of the border, which was obviously added later, the top is hand pieced. It looks like the original stitcher sewed the scraps of fabric to pieces of newsprint or phonebook paper to shape her blocks. The center of the quilt could be as old as the 1920s or so, and the border looks like it's more from the 1940s or 50s (I'm in communication with the antique shop trying to find out where they originally bought it to see if I can trace a thread of information back to the original stitcher or her family so I can include that information on the quilt label). At only $40, I knew this top was coming home with me, and I knew I wanted this to be my first large hand-stitching endeavor. 

We enjoyed Downtown Marietta, too, and I was sure to take a picture of my quilt and new fabric!

We enjoyed Downtown Marietta, too, and I was sure to take a picture of my quilt and new fabric!

So, yesterday I loaded up the boys and drove across town to Marietta to Red Hen Fabrics. I knew that the shop carries a large selection of reproduction fabric, and I was sure they could help be decide exactly how to approach this large "collaboration" of sorts. I have to say, it was well worth the trip! I got lots of help choosing fabric and hand quilting needles, and I am even more excited to get going in earnest on this learning curve so I can take it back to show off when it is finished! 

The other new project on the docket is Sunshine Scarecrow (name yet to be finalized), a banner quilt to (hopefully) be included in the Atlanta Botanical Garden scarecrow exhibit in the gardens in October. The quilt will be about 13x18 inches and designed to hang in a metal frame like those little yard flag/banner things (Do those have a proper name??). I've been using Prisma to transform images to help me plan a sunflower background, onto which I will embroider a scarecrow in the bottom left as well as add flower details with thread. So far, I've pulled fabric (I'm obviously still LOVING Alison Glass), cut a "palette" of 1.5 inch squares, and begun "painting" on my design wall (and realized I need to cut more squares!). I think It's going to work! 

Murmuration 2.0: 4" half square triangles

Murmuration 2.0: 4" half square triangles

Murmuration 2.0 is coming slowly as I've been experimenting with my scarecrow quilt, but I'll be kicking it into gear soon. All the fabric is cut, and I've stitched a few triangles. I ordered the fabric for Here Comes the Sun 2.0 this week, so I've got to make some more progress before that gets here and has me swooning!

Last but not least, my ongoing projects: The Arts Fest Quilts, Part 1, and Baby Clothes Quilts! I have 7/9 blocks done for the cool colors Arts Fest Quilt-- Huzzah! Then trimming and SO MUCH STARCHING BECAUSE ALL THE FRAYING and piecing the borders and assembling the whole top. This Baby Clothes Quilt is going out tomorrow after I fringe and wash it-- just in time to be a birthday gift. It's one of the cutest quilts I've done-- this little lady clearly loves her Grandma, and I hope Grandma adores this quilt! Like I said, this one will ship tomorrow, and I'll be starting another over the weekend. 

Whew! Can you tell I like to have a lot of pots on the stove? I love changing pace frequently, and I love having projects at different stages as well (PAM-ing it!).

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Make on!


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