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Je Suis Libre

Welcome back, my dears!

Tonight I'm going to interrupt our usual quilty fair for a personal update. I know many of you have probably already seen this in pieces via my personal Facebook and Instagram but do bear with me, pretty please. Also, for those of y'all that may be new here, you can read about the first part of my journey, including the events that led to my postpartum depression diagnosis, taking Zoloft, and finding quilting to be an important part of my therapy in another recent blog: Seeking Healing Through Quilting. Then, still more recently, I wrote about beginning to taper back my Zoloft during our Labor Day Beach Trip in this post

And now, today, I bring you words I wrote this afternoon:

"I want to yell, at the very top of my lungs, THANK YOU to all of you who have walked through these six months of postpartum depression with me-- those who have shared your stories, helped with my boys (especially you Mama and Dad!), said the most encouraging words about my motherhood and my creativity, prayed, and much more. I'm surprised and delighted to share that I am FOUR days Zoloft-free! I was able to get off it faster than I dared hope. Last Thursday I refilled the prescription and sent a picture to Hubster and a dear friend with a simple caption, "#bondage." The very drug that made me a safe mama to my boys for these last months began to feel like chains-- chains that seemed as terrifying to break as to wear because coming off of anti-depressants is no joke (the nightmares, oh my gosh, not to mention the rest). John texted me back John 8:36-- "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." The next morning, I forgot to take my pill. By the time I remembered, I was on my way to Zumba and decided not to bother. Then I got the Stomach Bug of Death-- world's most horrible yet effective detox?? I'm still having some symptoms that may be lingerings of the bug or may be lingerings of withdrawal, and I know there will probably still be challenging days ahead, but je suis pret-- I am ready. And, je suis libre-- I am free. He set me free."

And, in further celebration, I'm off to draw the winner for the Grand Opening fabric giveaway and get back to quilting!

Much love,


The verse John sent me, in his handwriting. 

The verse John sent me, in his handwriting. 



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