WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: Scattered Thoughts

Tshirt Quilt Assembly

Tshirt Quilt Assembly

Hi Friends!

Think I can finish before midnight? Ha! I spent all day in Chattanooga at the AQS Quilt Week show, so my head is all abuzz with that. Which reminds me, be sure to come back for this week's FriYAY Friends, because I have had the delight of interviewing Kathy Nida! I'll share more then, too, about my adventures today as they are quite connected. 

Let's see... it is WIP Wednesday after all... My main focus yesterday and tomorrow is stitching like mad on a couple of tshirt quilts that are due to ship. Then, it's time to turn up the gears on Sunnyside Up because the scarecrow drop off is coming up quick! It will be interesting to see how the Atlanta Botanical Gardens responds to a garden quilt. It will be more interesting to see if I can make it look like it does in my head! Then of course there's Murmuration 2.0, which I made a little progress on this week, plus another half-dozen things waiting in the queue that also need to be done ASAP. ALL THE STITCHING. 

More soon! G'night, y'all!



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