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WIP Wednesday: Sleeves!

The Sunnyside Up Quilt proper is done--just adding the embroidery now!

The Sunnyside Up Quilt proper is done--just adding the embroidery now!

Halfway through another week, dears!

After shipping off those two tshirt quilts this weekend, I've been hunkering down on Sunnyside Up. I take it down to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens next week, so time is of the essence. By scale, I suspect it will be quite humble in the gardens, but I'm very excited for the first public display of one of my quilts nonetheless. Which brings me to SLEEVES. 

Both The Fat Quarter Shop and Missouri Star Quilt Company have lovely YouTube videos that I watched before I got started. On the left you can see the sleeve stitched onto Sunnyside Up-- yay! Also, you're probably confused about why the blazes my label is on the top right. This exhibit had some particular rules about not including your name or any advertising and such on your scarecrow, but OMG MUST LABEL QUILT BECAUSE FRANCES TAUGHT ME THAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT. So, I mostly hid the label under the sleeve. Sneaky sneaky. 

By the way, do any of y'all have experience weighting small quilts to help them hang? This quilt will be hanging outside, so I want to make sure it doesn't flap about too much. Tips welcome!

On the right is Murmuration 1.0-- sleeve pinned and weighting to be sewn. This quilt will be hanging in the Duluth, GA City Hall this Fall. Hopefully I'll have more details on that soon!

Murmuration 2.0 and the Arts Fest quilts are still in the works, and there are some baby clothes quilts on the way too. Just keep sewing!

OH! And before I forget-- be sure to like String and Story on Facebook because I've started doing Facebook Live videos a couple times per week that go along with some of my blog posts. I'm really enjoying doing them, and I'd love for you to join me! 

I'll be back here on Friday with an interview with the amazing Christa Watson! In the meanwhile, I'll see you on Instagram



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