WIP Wednesday: Fast and Curious

Hi Friends!

The title was supposed to say "Fast and Furious," but I like "curious" better. haha. The "Fast" part tonight will be that this is basically going to be photos and captions. The "curious" part will be that it's an odd mix this week. 

First up: Arts Festival Quilts! My elementary and middle school alma mater, Perimeter School, has an Arts Fest every year, and last year's theme was color. The kids painted lots of fabric, and it's my job to turn it all into quilts for the school auction this year! 

Next: Tshirt quilt orders! I pieced this one tonight and started fringing it. Look at those cool snips I got! I finally listened to my friend Vicki and got spring loaded ones instead of killing my hands using scissors. 


And my Georgia quilts of course. Things are coming along with our project planning and launching. I'll share more when I can, but for now-- Gotta try to get these done this weekend before a big upcoming meeting! Squee!

Aaaaand it's officially not Wednesday here any more. Oh well-- happy hump day, dears, and may all of you avoid this stubborn stomach bug that is going around!