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Weekly Reading: UPPERCASE Magazine

UPPERCASE Magazine, "for the creative and curious."

UPPERCASE Magazine, "for the creative and curious."

Good morning, friends!

So recently on the Off Kilter Quilt, Frances mentioned UPPERCASE magazine. As I often do when my podcasty people make a recommendation, I immediately ordered a back-issue.  I ordered Issue 30 because Frances mentioned the wooden quilts of Laura Petrovich-Cheney (cover photo above) in her podcast, so of course I had to read all about it!

UPPERCASE, a magazine "for the creative and curious," is edited by Janine Vanpool. Her taste is clearly divine. I savored this magazine-- every article about makers and memories. The variety of styles and types of work was perfect, yet all was tied together so beautifully by this issues theme: "the rule of trees." The magazine is beautifully printed as well on wonderful paper. I followed a lot of new amazing people on Instagram including Laura Petrovich-Cheney, McKenzie Ditter, Madeline Kloepper, and. Cathi Bessell-Browne

Oh, hello, Atlanta!

Oh, hello, Atlanta!

As has been my practice the last few weeks, I tried to let my reading influence my quilting. Since I'm wildly enamored with Laura's reclaimed wood, I imitated her squares in my Atlanta skyline quilt. I'm using scissors to cut the fabric squares and strips so that the end result look more organic like the wood Laura uses. The background is only partially done, but I totally love it! 

So hustle to the UPPERCASE website to order an issue or a subscription! I'm totally in love and will be saving up for my own subscription. While you wait on happy mail to arrive, be sure to follow the magazine on Instagram--and String and Story, too! 

Embrace Monday, friends, and have a wonderful week!


PS I just need to see these two WIPs next to each other. 

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