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Weekly Reading: Quilt With Tula and Angela, Part Two

Happy Monday, folks!

It's already Monday as I'm typing-- about 12:30am, to be exact, so I guess I am doing this blog "Late Night Quilting" style. Speaking of which, if you haven't checked out Angela Walter's Craftsy YouTube show, watch a few episodes today because it's a treat!

Last we chatted about Quilt with Tula and Angela, I focused on Angela's contribution: quilting motifs that add form, texture, and depth to our quilts. I'm still totally in love with the quilt I made for our door as practice, too. 

Today, let's focus on Tula Pink's contribution to this book. Tula specializes in color, and her expertise is beautifully displayed in these pages. Each section of the book begins with a "story" that describes the personality of each color and how it interacts with colors around it on the spectrum. Then, as she begins the pattern, Tula creates a "design board" of fabrics for the project. I experimented with my own "design board" this week. This one was for a project that is mostly complete (the Georgia E Pluribus Unum Project quilts), but it was a good exercise in grouping fabrics. I think, too, that it could be a useful way to keep upcoming project swatches handy if you are still choosing fabrics and want to see how they will "play" together. It is also useful as a record of fabrics you have used in the past-- you could keep the details of each fabric written next to it such as manufacturer, designer, line, and where you bought it (especially if it wasn't your usual quilt shop!)

My collection of batiks (most of them anyway) that I used on the two Georgia E Pluribus Unum Project Quilts

My collection of batiks (most of them anyway) that I used on the two Georgia E Pluribus Unum Project Quilts

If you are looking for color and quilting inspiration, I continue to highly recommend Quilt with Tula and Angela. You can also visit them on Instagram @Tulapink and @Angelafmq. You can also find me on Insta @stringandstory.

Finally, a shameless plug for Quilts for Cure: today is two years since Smiley Kylie died of metastatic bone cancer at the age of 12. If you have not yet made a block for #OperationSmiley, please make one today. This of all days needs hand stitched smiles. You can find all the details HERE. We are nearing enough blocks for 6 quilts-- WOOHOO!!

Have a great week, my friends!


PS Be sure to tune in tomorrow for my review of Homemade Spray Baste! Woohoo!

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