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Weekly Reading: Art, Inc. by Lisa Congdon

by Lisa Congdon, Image from her Instagram @lisacongdon

by Lisa Congdon, Image from her Instagram @lisacongdon

Hey Y'all!

Did you have a good weekend? I made time for Zumba, for a bit of gardening, and for sewing with friends. It was lovely, and I'm heading into this week feeling excited for Quilt Con next Saturday and excited for my sewing and adventures in the meanwhile. So far today I've done my little morning workout outside, gone to Downtown Duluth with the boys, and taken some photos for the various Duluth Fine Arts League social media accounts that I'll soon be managing . Always some new side project, right?

Lisa Congdon, photo from her website

Lisa Congdon, photo from her website

Today, if you don't already know her work, I'd like to introduce you into a marvelous artist named Lisa Congdon. I first heard about her on an interview with The Jealous Curator.  My interest was piqued about her gorgeous work and her book, Art, Inc. I know I usually write about quilting books, but just like athletes cross-train, I think it's important to do the same creatively. I follow a variety of artists on Instagram, listen to a variety of podcasts, and I'm also trying to read a variety of books (trickier since my reading time feels continually slim). Plus, I seem to remember Lisa mentioning on the podcast that she quilts, too!

Art, Inc. walks through all the behind the scenes parts of the art world that can be so mysterious to someone starting out. While this book is primarily geared toward fine arts and illustration, I think many of the principles (confidently owning the role of artist, using blogging and social media to promote your work, time management, etc) are valuable for any creative to study and apply. I look forward to exercising what I learned about an artist's curriculum vitae and taking the plunge of applying to shows.Whether your draw, paint, collage, or quilt, I encourage you to check out Lisa's book. Also, she recently started a new Q&A series on her blog. Last week's post about creative voice was excellent!

The pictures of Lisa's paintings (above and top) are from her Instagram-- go check out more of her beautiful work! While you're over there, check in on what I've been working on @stringandstory

Talk to y'all soon!


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