FriYAY Friends

FriYAY Friends: An Interview with Melissa Averinos

Money McMoonface which will be hanging at QuiltCon 2017

Money McMoonface which will be hanging at QuiltCon 2017

Happy FriYAY!

I am even more glad than usual that it's FriYAY; we have had the cold of death around here this week, and a week with sick kids is basically just a never ending #hotmessmonday. Jem has/had his first ear infection, and I'm taking Ian to the doctor this morning because his version of the cold has given him a fever for two days, and he and I are both coughing so hard that we're heaving. Not that any of you really wanted to know that. Anyway, all that to say that it has been a long week, and I'm here to celebrate! 

This week I'm bringing you an interview with Melissa Averinos, winner of the 2016 Quilt Con Best in Show for "My Brother's Jeans," Face-making Extraordinaire, artist at large, and a very lovely person. Even better than usual, Melissa and I decided to do this interview over the phone, so fire up your sewing machines and listen while you work!

(Also, since this was my first time recording, I think I had the phone a little close to my computer mic, resulting in a sparking sound. It's a little better if you can turn down the volume a bit, or if you run your sewing machine while you listen then it blends right in. I hope you'll bear with it, though, because we had a lot of fun talking, and I don't want you to miss out!)

One of Melissa's recent faces

One of Melissa's recent faces

Melissa teaches workshops on "Making Faces" using raw edge appliqué. 

Bits of Melissa's other works. The center collage lives with me because I was lucky enough to be first commenter on Instagram! 

Melissa, thank you so much for a delightful hour on the phone. I can't wait to run into you at QuiltCon! Y'all be sure to follow Melissa on Instagram, and follow me too if you don't already so we can all be friends and see what we're all making!

Also, if you missed Wednesday's blog post, Quilts for Cure: Operation Smiley, please take the time to backtrack to that. Between February 1st and 14th alone, 604 families will receive the devastating news that their child has cancer. It would take 12,080 heart blocks to make a quilt for each of them. Do you think we could do that? The first step is each of us making one or two blocks this weekend. I would deeply appreciate it if you would! 

Much love,


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