WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: Feeling the Love

Hearts are taking over my design wall. YAY!

Hearts are taking over my design wall. YAY!

Welcome to WIP Wednesday, Friends!

We are finally close to normal around here again. The boys and I were down for the count with a cold/ear infection thing for a solid eight days plus four more days of feeling like crud. Today was the first day that we laughed more than we cried in over a week. Jem finished his antibiotics today, and we may go explore a new museum to celebrate. 

As always, I have several things going on. The first, as you can see above, is that I'm watching my design wall be taken over with heart blocks. Huzzah! I know there's already more on the way, a couple we're hoping show up from the depths of post office land, and I'd encourage you to keep them coming. About 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer every DAY. I believe quilters have a gift of love and generosity-- let's lavish brave kids with as much love as possible this month through #operationsmiley. Also, if you haven't visited quiltsforcure.org yet or liked us on Facebook or followed us on Instagram, I would be really delighted if you did!

I also made a block for another call to action-- the funky little house block up at the top. There was a terrorist attack on a mosque in Canada last week, and the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild is making quilts for the victims. If you'd like to learn more about #quiltsforqc, click here

I'm also wrapping up the last couple of Christmas orders and the final Arts Festival Quilt. There's a lot of basting in my future... trying not to dread that too much. ha! 

Look at this stack of books! These were a very special gift from a new friend, Mary Beth K. They belonged to her mother who is a master quilter nearing the end of her life. I'm honored to be their new home and carry forward these piece of quilting legacy. 

Okie Dokie-- I'd better get to stitching and little boy wrangling. See you all Friday! 



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