WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: So Much for Ever Having Less Than ALL THE THINGS

Hey Friends!

I have this vague memory of saying something about whittling down my works in progress... Yeah, nope. 

Modern Birds in the Air Pattern Testing (Pic at top): I started cutting tonight! This is my first all-solids quilt, one of the few times I've followed a pattern, and only the second quilt I've done with a significant amount of white. I'm all kinds of out of my element! But, you know what, that's exactly why I said yes to testing this pattern-- because it's healthy to be pushed out of one's comfort zone. Also if you missed Monday's post about Frances, the author of of this pattern, be sure to check it out!

Tshirt Quilts: I sent out a pair of baby clothes quilts early this week. They are made from the same little boy's clothes as keepsake quilts for his mama and nana. So sweet! Tonight, I started cutting for my next tshirt quilt. This one will be 30 shirts, so almost as big as the one last week. 

#OperationSmiley: I finished the first quilt tonight! Two more will be dropped off at Red Hen tomorrow to get quilted by students. This was the first time I've done custom quilting, I enjoyed the process and practice, and I'm pleased with the results. 

En Provence: I have about a third laid out on the design wall, and I'm in loooove. I simplified the sashing a bit to incorporate more turquoises. I'm pretty eager to get more sewn together. Bonnie Hunter (!!) commented on my close up of my first block on Instagram yesterday and said, "Yowza!" 

Florida: I add a hexie or two each day. It's slow but steady. Oh, and I basted the Georgia quilt on Sunday. I hope to start quilting it this week. 

Look at that-- it's a long but finite list. What's going on in your sewing room? 

I'll be back soon with more bloggy-ness. In the meanwhile, catch me over on Instagram @stringandstory!




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