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Weekly Reading: Flow Magazine

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome back to Monday! I'f you haven't seen on Instagram, things have been a little crazy in the Knight house. This weekend was "flu-pocalypse" with Hubster having a positive flu test, then one year old Ian spiking a fever and similar symptoms. Yikes! So far, Jem and I have escaped, but I already have Tamiflu for him just in case. I didn't get a whole lot of sewing done this weekend, but I did make a cute collage with Jem, though, and I started making him a craft cabinet in the kitchen. 

Jemsy loooves practicing with scissors and glue

Jemsy loooves practicing with scissors and glue

Today I wanted to share with you Flow Magazine. A friend of mine gave me this copy a couple of years ago, and, like far too many lovely books and publications, it languished on my night stand. Yesterday, though, I picked it up, and fell in love-- hard. The articles are thoughtful, the illustrations beautiful, and the paper quality. If you like UPPERCASE magazine, you will enjoy Flow, too. 

I particularly enjoyed the article titled "Ode to Imitation" by Otje Van Der Lelij. It was a relevant article in 2015 when this issue was published, and it is relevant today. As artists we find ourselves under an enormous amount of pressure to be "original," but we too easily forget a longstanding, rich, and valuable tradition of learning through copying. My dear artists: know your influences, honor your influences, and steal from your influences. Don't be afraid to have influences. Being a loner to protect the originality of your work will mostly only make you a loner. Community is important as much as uniqueness. The only thing that separates you from other artists is your voice-- it's true. But take the time to study an imitate the tastes and techniques of others and exist within creative community so that you can discover your own voice. Soon, you'll find that you're bending the "rules" of some one else's approach, swapping a color out of your palette in favor of another, adding a new quality to your lines and shapes. You voice will come as you study, play, and live. But there is value in being teachable. In baking, the difference between copying someone else's chocolate cake and having your own flavor may only be one ingredient. But you can never discover that secret ingredient if you do not first learn how to bake a chocolate cake from someone else's recipe. The article in Flow says all this much more eloquently, but I couldn't help but share my thoughts a bit. That's why we have FriYAY Friends each week here on the blog-- because influence and community are important parts of developing our own creativity. 

All that to say, check out Flow! It's very lovely. I hope I can get my hands on more!

Also, update since I started writing: It's now Flu-Apocalypse day 3 (Monday evening). John's fever is coming and going. Ian's appears to be gone, but he's still pretty sad sauce. And, Jem spiked a fever tonight. Alas. I'm the only woman and the only one standing. #girlpower, baby. Actually, #passabeerandallthelysol #thanks

Anyway, happy making this weeks, folks. I'll see you Wednesday!




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