WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: Marched Along

Just keep Epp-ing!

Just keep Epp-ing!

Welcome back, my friends!

Where has March gone? Here we are at the last Wednesday of the month already! So far, the boys of the house are on the mend from flu-apocalypse. John and Ian seem to be officially fever-free, but they are still tired, especially Ian. Jem's temp still fluctuates, and, like me, bless his heart, he's mean when he doesn't feel good. We've done a good bit of grumping at each other the last couple days, but he's also been an eager participant in lots of story time which has been lots of fun. In addition to nursing everyone back to health, I've also been working on my own health. I began tracking my food and exercise with MyFitnessPal this week for the first time in a couple of years, and I'm already feeling better about myself. As one would expect, a lot of my mood, sleep, and food choice issues have significantly lessened as I've exercised regularly. I'm craving better foods, feeling more energetic, and sleeping through the night. Huzzah!

I've been as busy as I can be in the sewing room considering all the flu cooties we've had. Here's the update!

Greater Atlanta MQG and their charity quilt from this year's QuiltCon

Greater Atlanta MQG and their charity quilt from this year's QuiltCon

Guild: I joined the Greater Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild last night! I've been an individual member of the MQG for about 9 months, but lately I've really wanted to connect with other quilters in person on a regular basis. I recognized several faces from Instagram, and I'm excited to get to know everyone better. 


Tshirt Quilts: I sent off another big (30 shirt) tshirt quilt on Monday. The recipient of this quilt's favorite color is purple, so her mama and I decided that would add a fun pop to the quilt. I've also started the next tshirt quilt in my queue, and it will have orange flannel. I'm breaking out of my navy comfort zone, and I think that's great! 


En Provence: I've sewed together a few more blocks and lots of sashing pieces of what I had laid out on my design wall. I put one of them together last week and thought to myself, "Well, my piecing skills are not as great as I hoped." When I mentioned this to my friend Lynn, she said, "You know how you fix that? Keep piecing." She's right, of course, and so I will. Once I get all the ones on the wall done, I'll take them down and put up another set and keep going section by section until I'm ready to put the whole top together. As another friend, Vicki, says: "One Stitch, one block, one row at a time." I'm taking my time on this WIP to enjoy the process and learn what I can about more precise piecing and more traditional patterns. My only "over medium" goal is to get it basted in the next 6 weeks or so, so that I can at least start quilting it as part of the #MachineQuiltingBlogHop.

Modern Birds in the Air: I finished cutting all the pieces this week! Maybe I'll even have some chunks pieced by next Wednesday!

Quilts for Cure: Top #4 is ready to baste! This will be pretty high on my to do list tonight. More blocks arrived this week from the mama of one of the kiddos, Naomi,  I featured on the Quilts for Cure blog a couple of weeks ago. It's so special!

Quilting Practice: After I finished the last #OperationSmiley quilt, I got caught up working on other things. Even though I have two quilts basted, I hadn't practiced my quilting in a week or more. Last night I spent about an hour filling a practice sandwich with a variety of stitches. Some turned out better than others, but it felt great to practice! 

Stash: I've done some shopping the last couple weeks! I mean, it was shop hop.... Anyway, I always get a smattering of fat quarters at Red Hen. They're irresistible! I also made a special trip to Intown Quilters to get Cotton + Steel / Rifle Paper Co's Wonderland line. Alice in Wonderland is Hubster's favorite book, and I found some lovely prints at the bookstore, so we're going to decorate our room with Alice. Happy (early) 4th Anniversary, Hubster! 

Be sure to find me on Instagram @stringandstory and @quiltsforcure. I want to see you there!



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