WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: Beautiful Chaos

 Trying something new.. 

Trying something new.. 

Happy Wednesday Evening, Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I think I am finally recovering from QuiltCon. I know that sounds silly since it has been almost two weeks, but this mama of two boys two and under is not used to such big-girl excitement! 

I don't remember if I told y'all, but Ian came down with pink-eye the morning after I returned (and I drove in at 2am, so I was already ragged), then he caught a virus from going to urgent care. Friday was his birthday, but it was a pretty rough day-- especially since Ian's fever spiked to 104.4. I tell ya, these boys are going to kill me with the high fevers they've had lately! Anyway, he was doing much better Saturday, so we celebrated then. He had his first cake and got a little red wagon from my parents, a book from us, and other gifts from relatives as well. He was quite the little prince for a day! Then, he and Jem had their first ever sleepover at my parents' house! Hubster and I celebrated with guac and margaritas. It was wonderful! (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Thankfully, this week is off to a nice healthy start, so I've been a busy bee in my sewing room. I have a tshirt quilt, the first Florida E Pluribus Unum Quilt, and several #OperationSmiley quilts in the works. Plus, I'm still puttering away on En Provence, I started my first ever secret sewing, and I have several more baby clothes quilts and tshirt quilts waiting in the wings. I love a busy sewing room, but I'm also hoping for some finishes soon because things are a bit crazy! 

 Look at how perfect my Sew Together bag is for EPP!

Look at how perfect my Sew Together bag is for EPP!

Oh yeah-- And I started English Paper Piecing today (see progress at top)! It is so much easier than I thought it would be! These hexies will become the background for the Florida quilt. Combining improv, appliqué, and EPP?? I told you things were crazy around here!

Finally, if you are not already, I encourage you to follow along with #IGQuiltFest on Instagram. I am doing a video each day for the prompts instead of just a photo, and it is just too much fun! You can find me @stringandstory, and I would lovelovelove to hear from you!

See  you on Friday!



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