WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: Pace Thyself

On my design wall....

On my design wall....

Welcome back to WIP Wednesday, everyone!

I know some of you are new here-- welcome! I hope you enjoy this update on my projects today and that you'll keep coming back! Let's dive in, shall we?

Tshirt Quilts: I sent one off last week and started another last night. If you would like a tshirt quilt or baby clothes quilt for Mother's Day, by the way, you need to order today. Otherwise, I'll send you a lovely boxed IOU with a note and small gift, and your quilt will arrive shortly after Mother's Day. Speaking of upcoming order deadlines, please check the announcement bar at the top of my site for more details.

Modern Birds in the Air: The center block is done! I'm hoping to return to work on it no later than this weekend. My measurements are slightly off and have been noted, but I'm suspicious it's a me-error, not a pattern error. 

I refer to this stitch as "radiating rainbows" because of how they grow out from each other

I refer to this stitch as "radiating rainbows" because of how they grow out from each other

#OperationSmiley: I've been working on the 4th Operation Smiley quilt, and I have LOVED sharing videos of my free motion quilting practice on Instagram and Facebook as part of my #the100dayproject, #100daysofstringandstory. If you don't already, I'd LOVE for you to follow me/ like my page and follow along! Plus, the #machinequiltingbloghop starts May 1st, so there will be even more quilting goodness happening! What's your favorite quilting design/motif?

"Hope," 9x9" and framed

"Hope," 9x9" and framed

"Hope" : Hope is inspired by the gorgeous pink cherry trees we are all enjoying right now, and this piece exists for you to have a little quilty happiness in your own art collection! "Hope" is 9x9, framed, and it will be for sale on Instagram soon for $50 plus shipping!

Creativity with Jemsy: My two year old, Jem, has quite the creative streak. This week he chose pieces of batik scraps for me to improv piece, spent an hour painting, and we bought some new craft supplies today. Our main counter is basically his art studio, and it is constantly covered in pens and crayons. I love it! 

I didn't work on as many projects this week, but that was at least partially intentional because I've spent more time with friends and family. It's important to know when to work hard, and it's important to know when to step back. I have also been eating better and exercising regularly, both of which take time and effort, but have wonderful benefits. On the topic of pacing, I will likely skip FriYAY Friends this week and take that time instead to be present at my church's events for Holy Week. If you, too, are celebrating Easter this week, He is Risen! Hallelujah!

Until I blog again, you can find me on Instagram @stringandstory and on Facebook as well. I'd love to know what you're working on! 

Go make something that makes your heart happy,


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