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PSA: Newsletter and FriYAY Friends Index!

These gorgeous, summery Kona Solids caught my eye last week

These gorgeous, summery Kona Solids caught my eye last week

Happy Monday, everyone!

This must have been the weekend of getting things done because I launched the String and Story Newsletter, and I finally put together the FriYAY Friends Index! 

The String and Story Newsletter will be published every Saturday. It will include three parts: brief summaries of and links to each of the week's blog posts, a beautiful Instagram account that I follow, and some other inspiring content. If you haven't already, please sign up! 

The FriYAY Friends Index is something else I've been wanting to do for awhile. I've interviewed a lot of fabulous people and visited some really cool museums, but I know that scrolling through the blog, or even the FriYAY Friends category of the blog, is a bit clunky. Now you can see, in chronological order, all of the people and places featured in this series. I will update it each week when I post the new FriYAY Friends so it stays current. Enjoy!

As always, I'll be hanging out on Facebook and Instagram sewing away on tshirt quilts and my #100daysofstringandstory project and making friends. I hope to see you there!




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