Machine Quilting Monday

#MachineQuiltingMonday :: Quilting Posture

Good morning, friends!

We had a beautiful weekend. We started strong with four hours at the pool with friends Friday night. These friends are the family I nannied for eight years; Anna was 7 when I started, and now she's almost 19 and has a super cute boyfriend, and Olivia wasn't even born till two years after I started, and she's about to start fourth grade. Katie was two, but she's starting high school next month. And, get this, Alex was 8, but now he's starting a fashion company and wants John on board to build the website. Crazy! They are the closest I had to siblings; Anna was my maid of honor; and spending four hours with them and their mama while we all played with my kids made my heart fit to burst. Starting Saturday morning, Ian ran a slight fever (as did a little friend of ours; there must have been germs at the park Thursday), but he seemed to feel mostly okay, so we just stuck close to home and had a weekend full of cleaning, sewing, and exercise (Hubster did lots of yard work, and I did Zumba and Yoga yesterday). It was marvelous! But enough about our adventures. Let's talk quilting!

I focused on one small quilt this week to practice my paisley feathers and pebbles. I tried to make myself work slowly because I want my technique to improve, but it was definitely hard. The speed of the long arm is intoxicating! The biggest differences I still see between my work on Leo and my work on Festus is stitch length (it still seems weirdly long though not particularly uneven on Leo) and scale (my long arm work is still larger and less delicate). But while I"m working on those things, I've also been working on my quilting posture, and that's what I want to share with y'all today. 

First, as promised, I made a video!

To review, when we are quilting we want to keep our backs straight, our abs engaged, our shoulders relaxed, and our head over our shoulders. 

Do you struggle with pain when you quilt? How have you adjusted your posture or other part of your practice to prevent that pain?

I hope these tips help you as you work this week! I'll be back here in a day or two; in the meanwhile, I'd love to see you over on Instagram @stringandstory.  Also, I'd LOVE it if you signed up for my Saturday morning Newsletter, too. 

Happy Quilting!


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