Machine Quilting Monday

#MachineQuiltingMonday :: Action Cures Fear

Good morning, everyone! 

We had a lovely weekend of parks and pools, how about you? I've been reading this fabulous book called Balanced and Barefoot by Angela J. Hanscom. It has me all kinds inspired to do exciting, adventurous things with the boys. We spun on the tire swing and hung from the monkey bars and climbed up slides, and I even jumped from the highest point of a swing for the first time in ages, and it made my stomach swoop and my heart soar. 

As you probably saw on social media, this weekend has been an exciting one for String & Story as well! I have two new and exciting resources for y'all as we all continue our free motion quilting journeys. First up is "3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Free Motion Quilting," and this is a lovely FREE PDF that you can get simply by signing up for my newsletter! (If you are already signed up, check your inbox-- it was included in Saturday's edition. Yay!)

In addition, I published an ebook called Anxious to Adventurous: 10 Weeks to Fabulous Free Motion Quilting. This 31 page ebook is the next step to seeing measurable progress in your free motion quilting. It is entirely based on a simple principle: "Practice Makes Progress." Anxious to Adventurous invites you to make a commitment to practice for ten weeks, and it guides you through 23 motifs and 3 challenges to learn and tackle during those weeks. Because I now work on both a domestic machine and a long arm, I did my best to write this book for both types of quilters. Plus, if you want me to clarify how to adapt a motif for one type of machine or the other, all you have to do is email me and ask! The lessons in this book are laid out exactly how I approached the #MachineQuiltingBlogHop, and I believe you can and will be an amazing quilter!

Finally, after a week focused on writing, I did, in fact, spend some time quilting this weekend! I've been staring at this quilt for weeks, paralyzed because I love it and have been afraid that I would mess it up during the quilting. This weekend, I went back to some words that Angelia Trinidad at Passion Planner loves to say: "Action Cures Fear."  So, I loaded this quilt on the long arm. And by the time I finished that, there was just enough excitement to holler louder than the fear, so I got to work.

Truth be told, it's not exactly the quilting that has paralyzed me about this quilt. I knew I wanted to do something "achievably custom" in the negative spaces around all the X's, and I knew I'd figure out what. I knew I didn't want to use an all over design. But this is my first quilt where I have had to really pay attention to how I travel from one area to another on the long arm. I'm attempting to stitch in the ditch (with mediocre success, as shown below). It looks a bit janky, let's be honest. But, you know what, it won't show as much when the quilt is washed, and this quilt's chief end is to comfort a child with cancer, and less than perfect ditch stitching will not hinder that in the slightest. 

Besides, practice makes progress, so I'll just have to keep practicing! 

I'm so glad all of y'all joined me today! I hope you'll all sign up for the newsletter to receive "3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Free Motion Quilting," and I hope you'll all purchase Anxious to Adventurous: 10 Weeks to Fabulous Free Motion Quilting. As you work through both resources, use the hashtags #machinequiltingmonday and #fmqadventure and be sure to join me here each week as well! In the meantime, I'll see you on Instagram!



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