WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday :: Upcoming Blog Hop Stop!

En Provence on the Longarm

Good morning, my friends!

First of all, EN PROVENCE IS FINALLY ON THE LONGARM! I started this Bonnie Hunter Mystery last November with everyone else, but I've been moving at my own pace for awhile now. Until recently, there was no reason to buckle down and get 'er done, but then I joined Dorie Hruska's blog hop for her new book, Making Connections: A Free Motion Quilting Workbook. As soon as I started reading, I knew I wanted to focus on En Provence for my blog stop. In addition to finishing the borders and loading the quilt, I also did my first stitching:

First attempt at continuous curves

My friends, I've always sought to be honest with you about my quilting journey. In the course of this little bit of quilting, I messed up at least twice, backed myself into a corner 3 times, and broke thread a handful of times. So much for quilting a whole pass of custom quilting without breaking thread. Sigh. Plus, my lines of stitching are so wobbly. But tomorrow, I will keep going. I have a whole, giant quilt to learn this technique, and I fully expect that the last quarter will look phenomenal. haha. In all seriousness, though, in this as in all the quilting techniques I've learned before, "Practice makes Progress." 

No Regerts

One more honesty moment: I spotted this after the quilt top was complete and loaded on the longarm. Farts. My solution? #NoRegerts 

Making Connections by Dorie Hruska

I'll be sharing lots more on #MachineQuiltingMonday which is also my stop on the blog hop! Plus, you can enter to win your very own copy of the book! Be sure to stop by! 

In the meanwhile, please make sure that you're on my Newsletter List. Dorie's blog hop is only the beginning of an exciting month, and I'll be sharing more in the Newsletter on Saturday. Plus, by signing up, you'll get a FREE copy of "3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Free Motion Quilting"!

See you on Instagram, my friends, and happy sewing!


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