Machine Quilting Monday

#MachineQuiltingMonday :: Swirls

Good morning, creatives!

Oh y'all, I reread Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert this weekend. Boy, did I need that. I also spent Sunday afternoon in the kitchen instead of the sewing room, I took a long run, and I cleaned off my desk. I feel fresh, encouraged, and ready to tackle the week. 

The other big thing this weekend was our friend Payton's 6th birthday party. Fabulously, it was Moana themed. And, as you may know, I've been working on a "Wayfinder" quilt for her out of Snail Trail Blocks (I used the tutorial by Elven Garden Quilts). If you're making a Moana quilt, what else do you quilt on it except swirls? (Okay, okay, I admit I gave serious thought to quilting the grandmother's stingray tattoo, but I'm not that good...yet. Someday!)

Anyway, I loooove quilting swirls, and I thought I'd share some of my favorite tips with y'all in a video:

To recap: Keep those swirls steady, vary the size, and use nice little echoes to move around. These same tips apply on a domestic machine as on a long arm. Your swirls will need to be a little smaller, but you can use echoes to give them a larger, airy look if that's your preference. Don't worry if your swirls look wonky or shaky at first. Quilt a whole baby or child size quilt with them, and you'll be quilting confident, gorgeous swirls by the end! 

Swirls are one of the 23 motifs covered in my ebook, Anxious to Adventurous: 10 Weeks to Fabulous Free Motion Quilting, and it is the latest video on my quest to have a tips video for each motif. This ebook is designed to provide guidance on a dedicated, yet low anxiety quilting journey. Plus, you can tune in here each Monday for extra tips, community, and encouragement. 

Speaking of ebooks, my next one is all about tshirt quilts! The mini tutorial is dropping here tomorrow (yay!), but the book will not drop till Friday or Saturday (not tomorrow, as I had previously planned). Therefore, make sure you're signed up for my newsletter because there will probably be a coupon with the announcement on Saturday morning! WooHoo!

Finally, thank you for joining me today! I hope you'll practice quilting some swirls, and I'd love it if you tag me on Instagram @stringandstory so I can see! Also, don't forget to follow me so we can continue talking all things quilty over there!

And, don't forget, I'll see you back here tomorrow to talk about tshirt quilts!



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