Intro to Quilting Feathers

Feathers are a classic, well-loved quilting motif, but they are finding more and more of a home in modern quilting as well. Add them in triangles and squares as an accent or commit to a big ol' gorgeous feather border! Either way, this tutorial will get you started quilting feathers with confidence!

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Intro to Quilting Feathers with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

Good morning, my friends! 

Let's talk about feathers! Y'all have been asking me about them lately, and I thought this Jared Takes a Wife block (pattern by Bonnie Hunter) would be a perfect excuse. Plus, I think feathers are my new obsession. Like many of you, I spent a lot of time being intimidated by feathers. But, like learning free motion quilting in general,  a little step by step practice, and you'll be feathering everything in sight!

Here's some pictures of the stitching progression we talked about in the video: Paisley swirls, feathers in a triangle, feathers in a square, feathered border.

Remember to use nice curves, fill the space, and be willing to practice! Doodling is always the first step to training your hand eye coordination for quilting a new motif, then stitch on practice swatches, then quilts. By the way, since feathers have a lot of curves, if you tend to have tension problems, be sure to check out my tension tutorial!

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Brand new to FMQ and realizing you need some foundational skills before you jump into feathers?  I'd like to help you with the next steps, too, in my FREE online workshop, Intro to Free Motion Quilting. We'll talk about setting up your machine, learn four foundational motifs, and introduce you to making a quilting plan. This class is all about teaching you to quilt with confidence-- and with these skills in your tool belt, you'll be practicing feathers in no time at all!

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