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Quilting Basics

You can’t help but pet the fabric at the craft store, but you have no idea where to start making a quilt. Quilting Basics starts at the very beginning: “What do I need to make a quilt??”, includes my Dogwood Blossoms quilt pattern, and steps you through making your very first quilt. Each video was filmed live, so it’s like being here in my sewing room— with all laughs and chatter along the way. Come join me, and soon you’ll be confident saying, “I’m a quilter!”

Estimated time to complete (watching videos, sewing, etc): 8-10 hours

Price: $35



Retiring August 31, 2019

“I want to finish my own quilts, but I’m so scared I’ll wreck it!” But, Rockstar, I have a secret for you: You won’t. It will be fabulous. It will take practice, yes, but it will all be worth it. This class starts at the very beginning— how to set up your machine for free motion quilting, and introduces four motifs: meander, loopy meander, swirls, and switchbacks. Come start your journey to quilting with confidence with this FREE class!

Estimated time to complete (watching videos, sewing, etc): 3-5 hours

Price: FREE!


Beginner Free Motion Quilting:

Retiring August 31, 2019

Are you tired of just meandering everything? You’ve conquered the fear of finishing your own quilts, but you’d like some variety, and you’d like to see that you can quilt other motifs with confidence, too. Learn my 10 favorite and most often used motifs, know how to semi-custom and custom quilt your own quilts, and have a strong tool box of free motion quilting skills.

Estimated time to complete (watching videos, sewing, etc): 5-7 hours

Price: $25


How to Make a Quilting Plan

But what the heck should you quilt where?? I know— it can feel overwhelming, especially when making those first leaps from choosing all over designs to semi-custom and custom quilting. Join me as I break down each section of the quilt— blocks, sashings, borders, and common shapes— to take a look at how different motifs fit in different spaces, how to make a plan on paper, and how to confidently make the leap to quilting your own gorgeous quilts.

Estimated time to complete (watching videos, sewing, etc): 5-7 hours

Price: $25


Free Motion Quilting Academy

That’s right, this is THE BIG CLASS. This class has it all: 30+ quilting motifs, tips for how to make quilting plans, weekly live Q&A sessions in an exclusive Facebook group, a whole cloth challenge, and most excitingly, the opportunity to be pinned as a graduated, bona fide QUILTING ROCKSTAR (seriously— we will have a graduation ceremony virtual pinning for everyone who completes their portfolio). This course is designed for the serious beginner who is committed to spending several hours each week over the course of two months doodling, quilting, and participating in videos. Before you know it, you’ll be confident intermediate and beyond in your quilting skill!

Estimated time to complete (watching videos, sewing, etc): 30+ hours

Registration for this class is currently closed. Click below to join the waiting list for the Fall 2019 cohort.

Intro to COlor Theory

You have a beautiful stash— you really do! But do you have a hard time “shopping your stash” or seeing the possibilities of fabric you already have? Girl, I got you. This class is designed to help you look at both the color wheel and your stash differently so that you can confidently change the colors of your favorite patterns and make quilts that are more YOU!

Estimated time to complete (watching videos, sewing, etc): 3-5 hours

Price: $25


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