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How to Clean Oily Skin Naturally (And Other Uses for Melaleuca Essential Oil)

Melaleuca is a must-have oil that comes in the Family and Home Essentials Kits, but it is definitely one I get asked about a lot. Asked about as in, “What the heck do I do with Melaleuca??” This was actually my very first essential oil (way back when essential oils were hardly a thing yet), and it’s one I still love and use daily, especially to care for my oily skin!

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How to Clean Oily Skin Naturally- No More Zits! with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

Melaleuca Essential Oil, also known as Tea Tree Oil, is one that a lot of people recognize by name but just as many people are unsure how to use. Combine this slight air of mystery with an aroma that most people don’t seem to like, and Melaleuca has a tendency to drift to the back of the oils shelf and stay there. Since no oil should be left to languish— especially one as useful as this— let me show you how to move this little bottle to the front of the line.

Primary Properties & Uses

Melaleuca has a sharp, clean aroma and powerful cleansing properties. It can be used to cleanse the skin, repel lice, and repel environmental threats.

Aromatic Use

Melaleuca can be diffused to cleanse the air of environmental threats and unwanted odors.

HOWEVER, I do not diffuse it. While all essential oils should be diffused with caution around pets (make sure your pets can leave the room if desired and observe them closely for signs of any ill reaction), Melaleuca has a strong reputation for being toxic to household animals. As we have two kitties (who have never had any adverse reactions to other oils, by the way), I play it safe an avoid diffusing Melaleuca. For more information about pets and oil safety, click here.

Topical Use

This is my FAVORITE way to use melaleuca, and I put it on my skin every day. I have very oily, acne prone skin, and melaleuca is amazing for cleansing, so it’s my front and center tool of choice for healthy, clear skin. I wash my face with Castile soap (cuts oil effectively and doesn’t contain irritants that cause me to break out), then I moisturize with a melaleuca roller. This, combined with drinking plenty of water and avoiding too much sugar, help me maintain clear, healthy skin, in spite of its oily nature. You’ll see my roller recipe just below, but first, in the interest of authenticity, here’s me, totally naked faced in an unedited photo, on the morning of publishing this post. I won’t say my skin is perfect (hello, bug bite on my forehead from this weekend), but it’s clear and healthy, and I can feel confident in it, in spite of years and years of battling acne!

I have oily skin, but by using natural cleansers to take care of my skin, I can have healthy, clean skin that makes me feel confident! Click through to learn how to take care of your oily skin!

1) Make a Roller: I make an easy 10 ml roller to moisturize my face with 20 drops melaleuca, 10 drops frankincense, and fill to the top with carrier oil (I prefer vitamin E oil or jojoba oil for my face)

2) Spot treat: Melaleuca is very strong, so some dilution is always recommended. But a less diluted amount (a couple of drops of EO to a couple of drops of carrier oil) can be applied to spot treat zits, sore ears, minor abrasions, bug bites, etc, to cleanse the skin and encourage healing

3) Add to soaps and shampoos: Add a few drops to a bottle of shampoo or or soap to repel lice and encourage overall scalp and skin health

Internal use

(Note Bene: We all consume essential oils when we eat fresh, aromatic foods (fresh herbs, citrus fruit, etc), and we can consume them already distilled as well. In fact, some of the most powerful benefits of essential oils can be harnessed by taking the oils internally! For your safety, I only recommend doing so with doTERRA’s CPTG certified oils and only with oils that have the “supplement facts” label on them. Please remember that I am not a doctor, and you should proceed according to your comfort level and common sense and consider consulting your doctor. I am sharing here what I have found to be effective for me )

1) Gargle: Add 1 drop of melaleuca to a shot of warm salt water and gargle thoroughly to soothe and cleanse a sore throat, spit out after gargling. (Warning: this isn’t a pleasant experience, and I don’t enjoy the taste at all. However, I find it to be HIGHLY effective, and therefore worth it)

2) FLOOM If you need a serious, hardcore, kick the thing in the teeth immune boost, there’s nothing like FLOOM: 2 drops each of Frankie, Lemon, OnGuard, Oregano, and Melaleuca in a veggie capsule. If I’m “fighting something,” I take one capsule morning and evening for a few days. (Keep in mind that this is a powerful immune boost designed to be taken periodically, not as a regular regimen)