doTERRA OnGuard

How to Use OnGuard Essential Oil

Also known as the “protective blend,” OnGuard Essential Oil blend is my go-to for all things immune support and cleansing. I can say confidently that I use OnGuard the most of all my oils, and I’m excited to show you how versatile it is!

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OnGuard Essential Oil Tips with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

OnGuard contains a proprietary blend of Wild Orange, Clove, and other essential oils to make a delicious power house of cleansing and immune support properties. This blend smells warm, like spice muffins, and is one of my favorites for, well, everything.

Primary Properties and Benefits

OnGuard exists to help you be your healthiest self. Wild orange, clove, cinnamon, rosemary, and more make this oil not only smell deliciously spicy and supportive, but they also provide true support to your immune system year round and are amazing natural cleaning agents. In fact, this blend is so versatile and useful that doTERRA has created a whole collection of personal and home care items around it, many of which I will share about with you here.

Aromatic Use

Here are three of my favorite ways to diffuse OnGuard blend (recipes are assuming a 2-4 hour diffuser. I add about 1 drop of oil per hour of diffusing time to my diffuser):

1) By Itself: If you come to my house at any point, there’s an 80-90% chance that I will be diffusing OnGuard in the kitchen. We come in and out of the kitchen door, so I love knowing that we and our respiratory systems get a nice healthy dose of OnGuard the moment we come in from being out and about. Plus, it makes my kitchen smell like muffins

2) As I’m writing this, I’m realizing that I’m a bit of a “purist” when it comes to diffusing OnGuard and don’t usually mix it with anything else. It would be a good candidate for some holiday blends, though, by adding peppermint, or Siberian fir, or frankincense

Topical Use

1) Make a Rollerbottle: in a 10ml roller, combine 20-30 drops of OnGuard with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Roll daily on the spine and bottoms of the feet for immune support

2) Hand Cleanser: You can purchase this ready made from doTERRA or make your own at home. If making your own, combine in a 4 oz spray bottle 20-30 drops of OnGuard with a splash of FCO. Fill to the top with filtered or distilled water. Shake well. Spritz on hands then rub hands together to cleanse. (this is a fave for me because both my boys are thumb suckers and this is actually beneficial if it ends up in their mouth versus other hand products which are potentially toxic)

3) Cleaner Concentrate: Run don’t walk to get this! I use it to clean everything from my counters to my kids to my commodes. Literally everything. A little goes a long way, and I keep several spray bottles mixed at all times. There are two things I LOVE about the OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate: 1) It works so well and 2) The safety label literally says, “If swallowed, drink a glass of water to dilute.” THAT is the kind of product I want around my kids

Internal Use

(Note Bene: We all consume essential oils when we eat fresh, aromatic foods (fresh herbs, citrus fruit, etc), and we can consume them already distilled as well. In fact, some of the most powerful benefits of essential oils can be harnessed by taking the oils internally! For your safety, I only recommend doing so with doTERRA’s CPTG certified oils and only with oils that have the “supplement facts” label on them. Please remember that I am not a doctor, and you should proceed according to your comfort level and common sense and consider consulting your doctor. I am sharing here what I have found to be effective for me )

1) FLOOM If you need a serious, hardcore, kick the thing in the teeth immune boost, there’s nothing like FLOOM: 2 drops each of Frankie, Lemon, OnGuard, Oregano, and Melaleuca in a veggie capsule. If I’m “fighting something,” I take one capsule morning and evening for a few days. (Keep in mind that this is a powerful immune boost designed to be taken periodically, not as a regular regimen)

2) Toothpaste: Clove is excellent for gum health, so this fluoride free toothpaste tastes yummy and is great for your mouth

3) Throat Drops: Soothe a sore throat and boost your immune system all at once!

4) Soothing Tea: Also excellent for your throat, mix 1-2 drops of OnGuard with a spoonful of honey in a mug of hot water for a delicious tea