How to Use Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender, with all of it’s calming properties, is a must have oil for every home. If you’re wondering why doTERRA Lavender oil is a wonderful tool to have on hand, keep reading!

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How to Use Lavender Essential Oil with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

Lavender, if I’m honest, is one of those oils that I often forget to name among my favorites, yet if I had to recommend just one oil for most people to get started, lavender would be high on my list for recommendations. It’s versatile for the whole family to use, gentle enough even for my very young kids, and very effective at soothing several systems of the body!

Primary Properties & Uses

When I say “lavender,” it’s likely that you think “calming.” It’s aroma is both floral and earthy, leading to feelings of regeneration and healing. In fact, it is a wonderful oil not only for emotional regeneration, but also for physically supporting the body through healing. It’s a daily necessity in our home— let me show you how!

Aromatic Use

Here are three of my favorite ways to diffuse lavender oil (recipes are assuming a 2-4 hour diffuser. I add about 1 drop of oil per hour of diffusing time to my diffuser):

1) By Itself: The soothing smell of lavender is calming for many, reducing feelings of anxiousness and overwhelm, and soporific for others. Either way, diffusing lavender promotes rest for the mind and body (though if you’re like me and find this aroma on its own an instant knock-out, I recommend only diffusing it alone at bedtime!)

2) 2 drops each of lemon, lavender, and peppermint. This blend is also known as “TriEase” or the seasonal support blend. If you tend to have periodic respiratory issues, especially during “the yellow season,” diffuse these three oils daily to support healthy and clear breathing.

3) Lavender & Breathe. Another favorite night time blend that combines the support of my first two suggestions— lavender for restfulness and Breathe for respiratory support is sure to lead to a refreshing night.

Topical Use

Lavender has amazing calming properties. A natural antihistamine, it soothes the skin and is the first oil I reach for whenever we have all manner of bumps and “life” happen.

1) Combine lavender and Frankincense in a roller or by simply using a drop of each neat in your hands and apply to cuts, scrapes, bumps, burns, and other irritations. Once, Jem grabbed the handle of a skillet fresh from the 400 degree oven. I was certain his skin would be irritated for days or weeks. We applied a few drops each of lavender and frankincense right away, and I was amazed to see the next morning that I couldn’t tell which hand had been burned! The added bonus of using lavender when my kids get hurt is that the aroma also calms them emotionally, which, honestly, at their age is usually most of the drama of a fall. It’s also effective when combined with peppermint as a soothing after sun support for the skin or dripped neat onto bug bites.

2) Roll over sinuses for bonus seasonal support. When the yellow season or other environmental threats are just too much for my nose and eyes, I roll lavender around my eyes (well away from the eye itself) and across my forehead for extra support.

3) For Rest. Dab on wrists or bottoms of feet at night to promote restful sleep.

Internal Use

(Note Bene: We all consume essential oils when we eat fresh, aromatic foods (fresh herbs, citrus fruit, etc), and we can consume them already distilled as well. In fact, some of the most powerful benefits of essential oils can be harnessed by taking the oils internally! For your safety, I only recommend doing so with doTERRA’s CPTG certified oils and only with oils that have the “supplement facts” label on them (please remember that I am not a doctor, and you should proceed according to your comfort level and common sense and consider consulting your doctor. I am sharing here what I have found to be effective for me). )

I take lavender internally daily as part of the “TriEase” seasonal support blend. It has made a huge difference in my daily respiratory health, and I can tell a huge difference if I forget to take it. Make your own TriEase by combining two drops each of lemon, lavender, and peppermint in a veggie cap or shot of water, or purchase pre-encapsulated from doTERRA.