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How Do I Get Started with Essential Oils?

There is so much to learn and know about essential oils that simply getting started can feel like too much. Let me help you with these first steps so that you can get your feet wet and begin enjoying the benefit of doTERRA essential oils.

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Getting Started with doTERRA Essential Oils with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

Can I say what everyone here is thinking?

“Getting started with essential oils is super overwhelming!!”

There. Feel better? I just thought we should acknowledge the elephant in the room. Now, why on earth do I think that you, already a super busy person, should take the time to get started anyway?

Because there is no better time than NOW to become the advocate of your own wellness
To learn how the systems of your body work
To invest in YOU and invest in becoming the happiest, healthiest, fittest YOU that you possibly can
So that you can get back to living life and doing all the other things but as someone empowered to take care of her (or his) own needs and to make informed decisions about your health

For example, for years and years I said things like, “I’m really bad at sleeping.” “Oh, I guess I just don’t need that much sleep.” and, in my more arrogant adolescent moments, “Sleep is for the weak.” (insert huge eye roll here). Since learning more about my body systems and essential oils, I found that I actually can support my body to be really awesome at restful sleep through high quality supplements (the Lifelong Vitality Pack) and diffusing CPTG essential oils (I have many night time favorites, so that will have to wait for another post). What ever the THING is that you’ve just resigned yourself to enduring, maybe just start there to see if you can begin using oils to support your way back to health. Maybe you’re just going to learn how to use oils one challenge at a time, or maybe you want to go all in and pursue a radically less toxic, more natural, more supported lifestyle. Either way, getting started with essential oils is really just three simple steps:

Getting Started with doTERRA Essential Oils with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

Step 1: Have an Introduction

There are lots of ways to “meet” your first doTERRA essential oils. Maybe you see a post on social media or watch/ attend an Essential Oils 101 class or are offered some samples by me or a friend. If you haven’t had an introduction yet, here are a few resources:

If you have had an introduction to doTERRA essential oils, but you have questions before continuing to Step 2, email me at stringandstory(at)gmail(dot)

Getting Started with doTERRA Essential Oils with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

Step 2: Enroll as a doTERRA Member and Join the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)

Yes, you really do want to join. No, it is not scary. Why you should join:

  • Save 25% off retail price

  • Be eligible to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program (which is code for GET FREE PRODUCTS)

  • Have access to me as your wellness guide (remember, you’re going to be your own advocate. This is all about empowering you— but I know everyone needs a cheerleader and having a guide to learn from and facilitate community is a lot of fun!)

  • Have the option to join the business and empower others to discover and use doTERRA too!

And, in case you’re wondering, no, you are not obligated to order monthly, and, no, you are not required to do the business. My priority is getting YOU to experience the joy and results of using the oils and other products regularly.

How to join doTERRA:

  1. Click here or go to

  2. Click “Join and Save”

  3. Select your language and country of residence

  4. Choose “wholesale customer” (oils just for you) or “wellness advocate” (interested in the business). Not sure yet? Start as a wholesale customer— you can become an advocate later

  5. Fill in your personal information

  6. Where it says “enroller id,” make sure you see my number 5246186 then click “verify” to see my name, HollyAnne Knight, appear

  7. Choose an enrollment kit (which waives the membership fee) OR choose the $35 membership fee only

  8. Select any single oils or products to add to your order

    I highly recommend adding a bottle of fractionated coconut oil (FCO) so you are ready to mix and dilute oils to use topically (on your skin.

    While I love to recommend the Home Essentials Kit + FCO as a great starting place, I recognize that may be too much of an investment for some folks just to get started. If you want to try doTERRA on a budget, I recommend joining as a member and ordering the Introductory Kit (lemon, lavender, peppermint) + FCO. In fact, here’s an idea of all the things you can do with just these three oils.

  9. Enter payment info and place order

  10. Happy dance because you just made an AMAZING choice for your health!

BONUS STEP: Joining the LRP

You can join the Loyalty Rewards Program during your enrollment process or from the “Products” page after you join. The LRP gives you a percentage of each order back in points to use for free product (up to 30% of your order), makes you eligible for the FREE Product of the Month, and, most importantly, if the easiest way to stay intentional about your wellness with a monthly, customized subscription box arriving at your door (and you can change what’s in it every single month— that’s the fun part!)

(If you feel like you have more questions than answers about the LRP, check out this post from doTERRA and/ or send me an email at stringandstory(at)gmail(dot)com )

Getting Started with doTERRA Essential Oils with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

Step 3: Use Your Oils (with friends whenever possible)

The day comes— your first purple doTERRA box arrives at your door! Now what??

“Now what??” is a common question, that’s why I have a private Facebook group called the Essential Oil Rockstars where I offer continuing education and tips. When you enroll in doTERRA through me, I’ll invite you to the group so that you can start connecting with other oil users and get ideas about the best ways to jump in with your new oils. I’d also love to hope on a phone or Zoom call with you to answer your specific questions. My goal is to help you see how oils fit into your day to day life and routines to support your wellness!

Still have questions? I’d love to hear from you! Email me at stringandstory(at)gmail(dot)com

Getting Started with doTERRA Essential Oils with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

What are Essential Oils?

There’s no denying that essential oils are quickly becoming “on trend,” but what are they and what’s all the hype about?

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What are Essential Oils? with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

To be perfectly honest, I started dabbling in essential oils before I knew what they were. I knew they came from plants. I figured they were kind of like an extract. And, perhaps most interestingly, I never thought they could interact with my body on a chemical level to help restore balance. I just figured eucalyptus and peppermint made me feel better when I had a runny nose because that’s just kind of how it works. And it really never occurred to me that there are dozens and dozens of plants that yield essential oils. I wasn’t asking the right questions, and I was missing out on all kinds of interesting information.

What are essential oils, and where do they come from?

Essential Oils are natural, volatile, aromatic compounds that occur in plants (leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, bark, etc). They give plants their distinctive scents and play roles in protecting the plant and in plant pollination. If you’ve ever peeled an orange and seen the fine mist that comes out of the peel as you pull it back and smelled that fresh, bright orange aroma, then you’ve experienced essential oils.

“Volatile Aromatic Compound” means that essential oils are made up of chemical constituents that are unique to the plant of origin, and that move quickly from a liquid to a gas in the open air. This is why you can immediately smell essential oils when you open the bottle. They are extremely concentrated, so they have powerful aromas. The plants used to make essential oils are extremely diverse. Ideally, the plants should be sourced from their native habitat for the best chemical make up and effectiveness.

How are Essential Oils Extracted?

There are two primary ways to extract high quality essential oils (like doTERRAs) from the plants— steam distillation and cold pressing. When done properly, the result is a totally pure, therapeutic grade oil. Lower grade essential oils use other methods of extraction that include chemical processes. Chemical extraction makes “more” oil, but it is polluted with solvents and the oils are at best less effective and at worst toxic.

How do Essential Oils Work?

I saw this post on Instagram recently comparing people to houseplants. My first reaction was, “Yep, sounds about right” (especially as someone who craves sunshine and water constantly). My second thought was, “Hey now, that’s oversimplifying the value of humanity a bit.” While this is, of course, an oversimplification in many ways, it is also true and is a great way to understand how essential oils work.

Both plants and humans are carbon based organisms, and essential oils are part of the plant’s immune system. This means that essential oils are molecularly compatible with our bodies. In plainer terms, our bodies recognize essential oils as natural compounds that are “friend” rather than “foe,” so the oils are able to come alongside our immune system and other bodily systems to provide support. Essential oil molecules are also very, very small which means our body can easily absorb them so they work very fast to help us feel our best. So, circling back to the house plant analogy, drinking water, getting some sunlight, and using essential oils is a great way to deal with those “more complicated emotions” and a whole host of other things, too.