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FriYAY Friends: An Interview with Kim Cory

Happy FriYAY, Creative People!

I've missed you all this week! But it has been an amazing week, and there's exciting things coming for the E Pluribus Unum Project and Quilts for Cure. If you or a friend have a child or children who are battling or have battled childhood cancer, I would love to honor them in this project. Email me their name at stringandstory (at) Thank you!

Today, I am delighted to share with you the amazing work of Kim Cory from Kim Cory Clay. I "met" Kim on Instagram, and I am daily amazed by her work. Enjoy!

1)     Tell us a little about yourself. I am a ceramic artist living on the California coast in Big Sur. I live with my family and all of our creatures, great and small.

2)     Your ceramics are full of things I love—color, depth, movement—what inspires your creativity? Nature? Folk Art? Travel? Are there stories behind your pieces and collections? I am originally from Laguna Beach where I lived my young life until attending the San Francisco Art Institute. I graduated with a degree in painting, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. I came away with so many rich experiences from fellow students to incredible faculty members. It was a fantastic time in so many ways. During these years and for many years afterward travel to many countries with family and friends fueled my imagination. Those many travels provided a lifetime of inspiration that still influences my life to this day. Travel was to be an intergalactic part of what propelled me further and deeper into the world of art and creativity.  There are stories behind most of my pieces that are culled from every day living and memories of museum visits and travels to places like Morocco, Mexico, Greece and Italy, just to name a few. My travels and exposure to so many ethnic cultures has been a tremendous influence on my ceramic work. I so love what I do and try to emulate that love through what I create.

3)     Your work is very detailed—can you share a little bit about the process that creates such rich ceramics? My ceramics are constantly evolving. I've got numerous sketchbooks absolutely brimming with ideas. It would take more than a few lifetimes for all the ideas on those pages to be brought to fruition. When I start a piece I never really know how it will end up. I usually start with a specific idea in mind and the piece rarely ends up even close to what I had intended. I don't ever spend more than a day or two on a project because there are so many ideas running through my mind.  I'm always anxious to move on to the next inspiration. I work on my own and am a huge self starter when it comes to creating art. This is the way I have always been; I work at my own pace in solitude. It brings me peace.

4)     How is creative community important to your work? I certainly look at other artists on social media and elsewhere. I'm greatly inspired and influenced by a myriad of artwork by various amazingly talented artist. I am also in awe of the artists who have befriended me and offered immense support.  However, the support that means the most and is really vital comes to me from my son and husband. Over the years they have been essential in every way, always loving and encouraging me along the way. Three years ago I suffered a brain aneurism. I was hospitalized for a month after surgery, learning to walk, read, talk etc. My big fear was that I could no longer create my art. But I was time I healed physically and spiritually and was back doing what I love so much! It was slow going at first but the spark of creativity never went out. I was able to continue and evolve enormously picking up where I left off really and going full on from there. It was a miracle really, and my family was behind me 100%. They made a difference; they are my biggest supporters, for sure.


5)     What advice do you have for other makers and artists along their creative journeys? And the advice I would give to other artists is: take a chance, experiment, always be learning something new. Keep opening up to new things and experiences and never stop believing in yourself. .... Be fearless in life.

Kim, your work is amazing! Thank you for sharing with us about your experiences and inspiration! Y'all, be sure to follow her on Instagram for daily WOW. While you're at it, follow me, too, @stringandstory, so we can keep in touch!

Happy Weekending-- go make something!



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