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Artist from childhood

HollyAnne Knight is a 20-something wife, mama, and artist. She has a life-long background in visual arts, over a decade of knitting experience, and training in several types on dance from classical ballet to ballroom to Zumba. She has been married to the Hubster (John) for 3 years, and they have two boys, Jem (December 2014) and Ian (March 2016). They live in Duluth, Georgia near HollyAnne's parents and enjoy being outside, sharing meals and adventures with friends, and singing silly songs. 

Quilter today

While HollyAnne's first exposure to machine sewing was at the young age of 8, it was much more recently that she returned to it. She began with a tshirt quilt for her Mama, and she continues to make tshirt quilts for customers all over the United States. She also sews modern quilts and thinks of much of her work as "modern impressionist quilts," combining the imagery of art quilts with the functionality of other modern quilts. Her style of quilting is strongly influenced by her love of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters, her own work with paints, and her familiarity with knitting patterns. 

Want to know more about HollyAnne? You can read an interview HERE. 

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