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#TipsTuesday :: How to Sew a Baby Clothes Quilt

How to Make a Baby Clothes Quilt with HollyAnne Knight of String and Story

Good morning!

Last week, I had some fun and shared with y'all on Instagram how I make baby clothes quilts because I know I'm not the only mama around here with quite the collection of out grown kiddo clothes! Here are those videos all together for easy future reference, and at the end you can get the FREE Companion Guide with a full supply list and written instructions.

Step 1: Cutting

Step 2: Making Blocks

Step 3: Quilting Blocks

Step 4: Assemble the Quilt

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Ta da! It's as easy as those 5 steps, and you can probably make a quilt like this in an evening or two. If you'd like a larger quilt, you can use more blocks (my other two standard sizes are 36 or 48 items), make the blocks larger (8.5 inches, works well for toddler clothes), and/or add a flannel border (I recommend 8.5 inches). These make wonderful keepsakes, and grandma's especially love quilts made from their grandkids' clothes. This might just be the perfect Christmas gift for you to whip up!

Ultimate Guide To Tshirt Quilts by HollyAnne Knight of String and Story

Speaking of Christmas, tshirt quilts make amazing and cherished gifts. If you'd like allllllll my tshirt quilt secrets so that you can make some fabulous Christmas gifts, I have just the book for you: The Ultimate Guide to Tshirt Quilts. Whether you're new to sewing or an experienced quilter who is skeptical of the whole "tshirt quilt" thing, this book has all the step by step instructions you need to succeed and wow your folks and friends with great gifts. 

How to Make a Baby Clothes Quilt with HollyAnne Knight of String and Story

Finally, I have a gift for you. A handy, one-page summary of how to make a baby clothes quilt sent straight to your inbox! This Companion Guide is a written version of the steps contained in the videos as well as a supply list. This way, you don't have to watch each video 32 times in order to make your quilt! Yay!

When your quilt is all done, be sure to tag me on Instagram @stringandstory so I can celebrate with you!



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