Six Strip Friendly Quilt Patterns (And a Bonus Idea)

Between those adorable, yummy rollups at the quilt shops and all the weird trimmings from backings and bindings, it's easy to have strips in abundance, so having some go-to patterns is a must!

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Six Strip Friendly Quilt Patterns with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

I'll be honest, I feel like I don't use strips that much (ironic, I know, since two of the patterns I'm going to share with you are my own), so this was a fun exploration of all the different kinds of quilts you can make with strips. Now, because of those pretty little strip rolls we mentioned earlier, most of these patterns have been written for 2.5 inch strips. If you are using the precut strips, make sure they are cut accurately. For some of these chunkier patterns, it may not affect things too much, but other patterns, like Perfect Fit, require precision. If you have really skinny strips to use up, please check out my recent post about string piecing.  If you have different sizes of strips to use than are prescribed in the pattern, play around with the scale of the block and see what happens if you resize it for your strips. 

Lanterns of Hope Quilt

I mention this pattern first because you can make it using 1.5", 2.5", or 3.5" unfinished strips, and thus extremely adaptive. Each width of strip yields a different size quilt, and the color palettes you could make this quilt in are endless (just check out a dozen or so examples here), and it comes together so quickly!

Perfect Fit Quilt

Choose three colors of 2.5 inch strips and create this slightly mind-bending puzzle of a quilt. The blocks come together easily enough, but the effect is striking. This is no "seen one, seen them all" strip quilt!

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Squares and Strips Quilt by Allison Harris

This adorable quilt is a great way to make a bed sized quilt without over complicating things. The pattern is written to use up a fat quarter bundle, but, as the name suggests, the fabric is cut into squares and strips, making it an ideal stash/ strip buster. 

Half Rail Frenzy Quilt by Mona Phelps

Stripey half square triangles? Yes, please! How adorable is this pre-cut friendly quilt?? It would make a darling gift quilt, and the size is easy to adjust by making more or less blocks. You could also use skinnier or wider strips and make smaller or larger half square triangles to play with the scale and use what you have. 

Stairway Baby Quilt by Andy Knowlton

Here is another one-block quilt where the color does the work. As it is written, this quilt only needs 16 2.5" x WOF strips plus background, which makes it great for using up leftovers from a strip roll. To make a larger quilt, simply make more blocks and continue the pattern. 

Accentuate the Positive Quilt by Christine Weld

This is one of those quilts that feels full of opportunity. The concept is simple (an interlocking plus block), but the fun you could have by playing with color is amazing! AND it's made entirely from strips!

Bonus Idea

Not long ago, we looked at 6 Ways to Make Half Square Triangles. Don't forget that you can use leftover strips to make adorable HSTs, which you could then turn into an adorable quilt like this HST nine patch from Red Pepper Quilts

Six Strip Friendly Quilt Patterns with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

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